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5 Reasons, why creators should seek consultation

5 Reasons, why creators should seek consultation

Within our project „Write & live“, we are regularly offering free consultation days for literary creators. You might ask yourself: Do I need that? If you are hesitant about the question whether you should seek consultation at all, we offer 5 reasons in favor of the consultation.

I. Nothing is more frustrating than a good idea failing due to practicalities

Never mind, whether the project in question is a manuscript for a novel, which does not get published, a fascinating Reading event which does not get any funding or a translation project, which remains unfinished: Consulting experts can save the day. There are already too many great projects, which never came into being because of errors in the execution. It doesn’t have to be like that.

II. Not everyone has to repeat the same old mistakes

It is not a law of the universe that every writer has to start a collection of rejection letters, because the script was wonderful, but the exposé focussed on the wrong aspects. Not everyone has to learn through trial and error, how a correct application for funding should look like. The wheel does not have tob e reinvented with every new project. Before you, generations of creators have made mistakes, which can be avoided with very little effort.


III. The financial side matters

There are numerous economical aspects in the daily life of creators, which are not self-explanatory: the accounting for ones own work in context with VG Wort or the registration at KSK can make a difference, though, especially in regarding the annual balance. It is the same case with the tax declaration, writing invoices and, of course, possibilities of getting funded: Where can I apply fort he funding of my projects? Which particularities do I have to pay attention to? When it comes to creators in the literary scene, a lot of them live in precarious circumstances and should not give up on the chance offinancial support.


IV. New opportunities

Our consultants are experts in the German literary scenes and can point creators into all kinds of new directions: publishing houses, where they can present their project, institutions, which they could convince to found their work, agencies, which might be interested in exactly the sort of text, they have to offer. In many cases, cooperations were founded during consultations.


V.Independent, professional feedback is important

The longer one brutes about one‘s projects, the blinder one becomes for the weaknesses (and the strengths) of the own work. Neutral and professional feedback can open one‘s eyes. Where does the manuscript for the novel lack clarity? Is the Exposé interesting enough? Does my application for funding need better structuring?


Within the project „Write & live“ we offer free consultation days on a regularly. There is a broad variety of subjects, that we are prepared to talk about, they range from the KSK to licensing agreements.

You can find our Consultation offers here. Make sure to book soon, because the consultation is very popular and the slots are quickly taken.



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