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Consulting Services

You called up the KSK last week to get a prescription for nose drops? Your first association with the abbreviation “VG” is the city´s public transportation system? If so, you are due for a WiSU consultation. Many freelancers in the literary industry go through the same thing: they wear themselves out, they work for low wages and get paid late, they get a yes but it ends up being no, and often just don´t make it out of this precarious cycle. And that is not the best place to be in when you have a creative profession.

The WiSU consultants are experienced and successful freelances who speak your language: they have experienced the same ups and downs and are happy to share their practical knowledge with you. The will ansower your questions and work with you to find solutions – whether you need help signing up for the KSK, are looking for a publisher or an agent, need help with scholarship application etc.

Consultations are available in English, Spanish and several other languages. Contact us to arrange an individual consultation in your language or book one directly here.