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Eva Stelzer (Accounting topic)

© privat
© privat

Eva Stelzer (*1972), born and grown up in Berlin. I am a trained publishing bookseller and found my way 15 years ago on winding roads into the realm of numbers and taxes. Since then, I have worked as a tax assistant in tax offices and have assisted clients from different fields with bookkeeping, tax returns and payroll accounting. Since 2018 I have been offering accounting* and office services (*booking of current business transactions) independently.

Every self-employed person should deal with his/her numbers and with the basic tax questions, not only in order to fulfil his/her tax obligations, but also to avoid unpleasant, i.e. expensive surprises. For this purpose, decisions must be made in advance. But which and why? What does proper bookkeeping look like? What should one pay attention to? How does all this tax system work in the first place? Attention: Due to professional restrictions I am not allowed to offer tax advice! But my credo anyway is: A good tax consultant is worth its weight in gold!

Whether with or without a tax consultant: I explain the basics of bookkeeping and can answer basic questions for career starters and those who have been with you for some time. Part of my previous work has also been dealing with topics such as bogus self-employment and artists’ social insurance and social security contributions for artists. Here, too, I can clarify fundamental questions. Main topics of consultation:
basics of accounting, tax questions, bookkeeping etc.