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Odile Kennel (Author & Translator)

Odile Kennel, born as a child of a german-french town twinning, grew up bilingual. She lives and works in Berlin as a free author and translator of lyrik and children books. She was rewarded with the scholarship of the Stiftung Preußische Seehandlung, with the work scholarship of the Berliner Senats,as well as the Elmar-Tophoven-Stipendium (for a translation). Since 2001 she is self-employed, since 2004 as a translator of literatur and since then has not died of hunger. She thinks highly of networking: member of VS and VdÜ, the Autorinnenvereinigung e.V., as well as the Freie Literaturszene e.V.. She takes care of her own accounting and is capable of helping out others in these regards, as well regarding questions abut the turnover-taxes (for everything more complicated and convoluted she will redirect you to here accountant of her trust). She is especially happy to get in contact with beginning translators, whom she is happy to provide and overview of the relevant institutions, websites, adresses, which help in getting started.


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