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Cooperation Projects

As part of the project “schreiben & leben” the Literaturhaus Lettrétage regularly participates in events and projects in cooperation with other institutions from the literary and cultural fields, such as “Lots*innen in die Freie Szene” (Guides to Berlin’s Independent Arts Community) (2019-2021):

2019-2020: Pilotphase, „Guides to Berlin’s Independent Arts Community “

In the year 2019, numerous multilingual information events, individual advisement sessions and workshops for international artists and culture makers took place. An important part of this also comprised the conducting of research and preparation of multilingual information regarding advisement structures, networks and points of contact as well as tips for artists newly arrived in Berlin from the Arab, Asian, Francophone, Polish, Turkish and Russian language areas. The artists and culture producers Marwa Almokbel, Charlotte Bomy, Anastasia Gorokhova, Urszula Heuwinkel, Steve Mekoudja, Defne Sahin and Frederika Tsai conducted research into and compiled opportunities, points of contact, networks and helpful tips for working as a freelance artist in Berlin in their respective languages. The pilot project Guides to Berlin’s Independent Arts Community was the first cooperation of the Performing Arts Program of LAFT Berlin in cooperation with the advisement structures Music Pool, Lettrétage e. V. (the project Schreiben & leben) and the artist advisement program in Kulturwerk of bbk berlin GmbH.

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2021: Nationwide continuation as „Guides to Berlin’s Independent Arts Community: Multilingual symposium and digital gallery walk“

Within the framework of this project, the first founding stones were laid for more ongoing support of transnational and intercultural (creative) artists throughout Germany. The realization of the project was made possible due to a transnational cooperation involving numerous partners: Performing Arts Programm des LAFT Berlin (Federführung), Lettrétage e. V. (Projekt schreiben & leben), Music Pool Berlin, initiative neue musik e. V., Theaterbüro München, NRW Landesbüro Freie Darstellende Künste e. V., Interkultur Ruhr, Pop-Büro Region Stuttgart, Freie Tanz- und Theaterszene Stuttgart, Dachverband freie Darstellenste Künste Hamburg e. V., Fluctoplasma Festival Hamburg. In addition to a further training for consultants in the independent scene, numerous multilingual symposiums were held curated by the “Lots*innen”-Team. As a result of the project a new expanded edition of the information brochure was published in November 2021. Now it includes several new cities and important contact points for transnational artists

The guides 2019-2021: Frederika Tsai, Marwa Almokbel, Anastasia Gorokhova, Dorota Kot, Defne Sahin, Charlotte Bomy, Steve Mekoudja, Salah Zater, Keith Zenga King, Inky Lee, Urszula Heuwinkel, Magda Agudelo, Patrick Fuhrmann, Ronan Favereu, Rabih Beaini

Further Information via lotsinnen(at)