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Berliner Literaturkalender

The Berliner Literaturkalender

The diversity of Berlin’s literary scene is presented, among other things, in the BERLINER LITERATURKALENDER, the first monthly overview of all literary events taking place in Berlin in the current month in print. Created within the WiSu project and now continued by “schreiben & leben” the calendar is a product of the collective effort of the Literaturhaus Lettrétage e. V. and the Literarisches Colloquium Berlin. By means of the Archive you can attain a wide-ranging look back.
If you would like to display the Berliner Literaturkalender in A1 portrait format regularly in your bookstore, at your event location or at another public place, or if you, as an event organizer, would like to be included in the distribution list, please contact us:
giulia.silvestri [at]

Ticketshop for literary organizers in Berlin

To buy tickets from the comfort of your home, you just have to click on ONLINE-TICKETSHOP for literary events, which also came from the WiSU project and continues under “schreiben & leben”. Literature organizers can currently use a store, which is designed for their needs, free of charge. More information via: giulia.silvestri [at]

Online platform with literary events in Berlin

If you are looking for event dates of the literary scene of Berlin and Brandenburg, you will find them daily in the online portal LITERATURPORT of the Literarisches Colloquium Berlin.

Current professional development and consulting offers

We regularly list (partly fee-based) professional development and consulting offers for literary freelancers in our digital project-calendar:

Events in February 2024

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