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New Consultation Days in September

The consultation programme is continuing, and more and more dates and topics are being confirmed for the coming weeks and months. The next consultation day is on the 26th August. Karina Filusch, expert in contract law and digital law, will offer help and advice on data protection and GDPR. Because of the recent ruling of the EUGh on Privacy Shields, and the continuing need for digital interactions thanks to Covid, it is worth informing yourself about data protection and alternative tools which are hosted in Europe.

You can book an appointment here:

On the 16th September Lena Müller will offer consultations regarding the Künstlersozialkasse or KSK, the German social security fund for artists. You can use this opportunity to clear up questions of acceptance criteria, advantages, disadvantages etc. On the 18th September, the consultations will continue with a day dedicated to work stipends, organisation and networks for translators. If you are not sure what to look out for when applying for a translation grant, then be sure to book a consultation with Eva Profousovà. Eva will pass on her expertise and experience as a translator, founding member of the Weltlesebühne, and give advice on increasing the visibility of literary translators and strengthening their networks. Next on the 23rd September Paula Fürstenberg will answer questions on sunding applications, inform you about available grants and help with writing a successful exposé.

We will add to the appointments during October-December on the project website in the coming weeks. You can also find all upcoming dates and important deadlines and general information on the Berlin literature scene On our facebook page.

Important: All consultations are talking place as planned, but will do so via video call (with the GDPR-approved tool or telephone. Please include your telephone number when booking an appointment, to be forwarded to the consultant.

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