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Our consultations days in April

Most of our events in April revolve around the work stipends for German-language literature – because we want you to nail it with your application. But don’t worry, it’s not about to get monotonous around here: we will also be offering consultation sessions on the power of podcasts, crowdfunding campaigns and work organization this month.

Since it is currently application season for the work stipends for German-language literature, on 05.04 former stipend recipient Daniela Seel will be giving one-on-one consultations on the subject at our office on Kolonnenstraße. She has been awarded multiple grants and scholarships – including the work stipend from the Goethe Institute Copenhagen (in Reykjavik), the Berlin Senate and the German Translator Fund – so she knows what a good application has to look like. The event is primarily aimed at people who have already begun working on their applications and need concrete advice or want someone to read over their proposal. The sessions on 05.04 are already fully booked; a second consultation day will be held on 20.04.

Have you been playing with the idea of doing a podcast but aren’t sure where to start? On 13.04 Susan Stone will share her know-how and tell you about the unique selling points of podcasts. She also wants to show you the potential that they can have for your literary work. Stone worked for years in radio as an award-winning journalist and has been producing the “Dead Ladies Show” podcast for over five years.

The application period for work stipends for German-language literature awarded by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe ends on 04.05.2023. During the online FAQ event on 17.04, representatives from the Department of Culture will be answering questions that were not answered during the info session on 24 March or that have come up over the course of the application process. This format enables a direct, personal and straightforward exchange with representatives of the program.

In the second half of April we will be offering another round of one-on-one consultations on the work stipends for German-language literature. On 19.04, former jury member Nina Bußmann will talk about your concerns, your proposals, work samples and other application documents. Bußmann has not only served as a member of the jury for the work stipends, but has actually received one herself – in addition to a number of other scholarships and awards.

Crowdfunding offers an alternative to public funding. Editor, author and consultant Andra Schwarz organizes independent projects and, on 21.04, will be able to assess whether crowdfunding could be a good option for your projects and events, filling you in on everything you need to consider when pursuing that route.

Between earning a living, applying for stipends and producing podcasts, it’s often hard to find time for the basics: writing. On 26.04, editor, translator and author Jordan T. A. Wegbert will be sharing his expertise on work organization. He will not only address the importance of practicing efficient work methods, but also of having a dedicated workspace and separating your private and professional life.

And on that note, the schreiben&leben team wishes you a productive April!


05.04.2023: Individual consultations on the work stipends for German literature with Daniela Seel.
13.04.2023: Podcasts – Concept and Production with Susan Stone
17.04.2023: Online FAQ Session | Work stipends for German literature with Estelle Amann and Lilian Engelmann (Senate Department for Culture and Europe)
19.04.2023: Individual consultations on work stipends for German literature with Nina Bußmann.
20.04.2023: Individual consultations on stipends for German literature with Daniela Seel
21.04.2023: Crowdfunding with Andra Schwarz
26.04.2023: Work organization for authors with Jordan T. A. Wegberg

You can book a one-on-one consultation here: REGISTRATION

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