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Our Consultation Days in February

February in Berlin: „It is recommended that you dress in warm layers and remember to bring your gloves”, as you can read elsewhere. Yet, the schreiben&leben-Team remains unimpressed by the Berlin winter. On the contrary, with our consulting services, we are only starting to warm up in the second month of the year.

We begin on February 2 with a consultation day on visibility via digital tools. Yvonne de Andrés worked as marketing director at a publishing house. Moreover, she holds the position of an advisor at the Bücherfrauen e.V. Digital tools are essential to sharpen your own profile and become more visible as an author – online as well as offline. Yvonne de Andrés, who also is as a lecturer in the area of communication, has the tips you need to take full advantage of today’s technological opportunities.

Although the title might suggest otherwise, Nina Bußmann’s latest novel Dickicht (Thicket) is not concerned with the system of German literature funding. Still, as a novelist who has published multiple works, she has successfully applied for several funds. She knows: When it comes to applications and grants, nothing should be left to chance. On February 9, she answers your questions concerning applications and the right way to deal with positive and negative feedback on them. If you have questions about your Exposés, Nina Bußmann is the right one to talk to as well.

We remain in the thicket for a little longer. The second half of the month has a pairing for you that promises clarity in the jungle of institutional bureaucracy. On February 17, the translator and author of radio plays Lena Müller offers a consultation on the Künstlersozialkasse (KSK). Sooner or later (we would suggest sooner), freelance authors working in Germany should deal with the KSK. But this brings up many questions: Is joining the KSK the right choice for you? What are the criteria for joining? Do you fulfil them? Through her own professional life, Lena Müller has acquired vast experience with the KSK, which she will pass on at the free consultation day. (Please note that the consultation with Lena Müller is already fully booked)

The VG WORT is another possible source of funding that authors should familiarize themselves with. The Verwertungsgesellschaft WORT is an association that brings together authors and publishers for the joint administration of copyrights: royalties are collected and distributed to the authors according to fixed distribution keys. Henry Steinhau is a journalist who focuses on media law in his work – this means, he knows a great deal about the VG WORT. On February 26, Henry Steinhau will answer all your questions regarding the VG WORT and can guide you step by step through the registration process.
Please note that the consultation day takes place on a Saturday.

Here is the overview again:

  • February 2: consultation day on visibility via digital tools with Yvonne de Andrés
  • February 9: consultation day on applications and grants with Nina Bußmann
  • February 17: consultation day on the Künstlersozialkasse (KSK) with Lena Müller (fully booked)
  • February 26: consultation day on the VG WORT with Henry Steinhau

Here, you can sign up for the consultations

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