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Our consultation days in February

“It is a great folly to wish to be wise alone.” This quote not only sounds like an old saying but has indeed clocked up several centuries. La Rochefoucauld, however, also hits a point: What is as natural as benefiting from the expertise of experienced colleagues? Whether you are looking for independent, professional feedback, need information on legal or funding issues or search for new commissions or funding opportunities: In February, “schreiben & leben” offers literary freelancers free one-on-one consultations on a wide range of topics.


Get started

Everyone starts somewhere. For all literary authors who are at the beginning of their career or who want to give their career new impetus, we recommend two dates:
On February 17th, Claudia Lüdtke will advise editors on the subject of acquiring commissions and self-management. The German studies graduate founded her own editorial office in 2004 and can support newcomers to the editing industry¬ – amongst other things with insider tips on how to forge and maintain contacts.
Authors who would like to promote themselves can contact Anne Grabs on February 18th. The social media consultant and author of the best-selling book “Follow Me!” is an expert in storytelling and content marketing. Let her show you how to move your marketing forward!

Organize your financing

“The quiet chamber is a mistaken assumption,” translator and author Odile Kennel says about her profession. Not only her poetry, she adds, is connected to the world. It also takes professional networks to survive as a freelancer. On February 10th, you can talk to her about networks as well as funding opportunities.
Those who are already in the middle of their career should consider signing up for the Künstlersozialkasse (social insurance for artists). Literary freelancers who are not sure if they are eligible or should become a member can find out more from freelance literary translator Lena Müller on February 24th.

Be legally protected

For non-lawyers, regulations on contract law, data privacy or German association law often cause uncertainty. How can I post safely on the Internet? What rights do I have when concluding contracts? And how do I protect myself legally when founding a publishing house or a literary association?
On February 4th, Berlin lawyer Karina Filusch will advise you on the pitfalls in contracts and data protection guidelines. On February 25th, Rupay Dahm can answer your questions about association and foundation law.

The one-on-one consultations in February will still take place via Zoom or telephone and are free of charge!


Here is the overview again:

04.02.2021, consultation day on contract law and data security with Karina Filusch
10.02.2021, consultation day on the topic of grants and networks for translators and authors with Odile Kennel
17.02.2021, consultation day on how to organize yourself and customer acquisition for editors with Claudia Lüdtke
18.02.2021, consultation day on the topic of self-marketing for authors with Anne Grabs
24.02.2021, consultation day on the topic of social insurance for artists (Künstlersozialkasse) with Lena Müller
25.02.2021, consultation day on the topic of cooperative law with Rupay Dahm

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