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Our consultations days in February

We may finally be in the home stretch to spring, but the coldest month of the winter is yet to come. Luckily, our consultants are here to tide you over until things begin to thaw. There will be sessions dedicated to introducing the independent literary scene, finding a publisher, and covering offers for authors who do not write in German. But consultations on specialized topics are also on the roster: children’s and young adult literature as well as bookkeeping will be addressed at the end of the month.

As an agent, bookseller, publisher, editor and translator, there is hardly anything that Ulrike Ostermeyer can’t do or doesn’t know. So any questions you might have about finding an agent or publisher are in the best possible hands with her. Are you wondering what the best marketing strategy might be for your situation or how collaborating with a publisher works? She will address that topic and many more on 4 February.

This month the “F” in February is not only for “freelance” but also for “foreign language”. International authors and translators who do not write in German will have the opportunity to pick Jonathan Nieraad’s brain: he knows from his own experience how to get established in Berlin as someone from out of town. In his professional life, he has translated texts such as “Austerlitz” by W.G. Sebald or “Letters to Milena” by Franz Kafka from German into Hebrew. Which makes him an ideal person to ask questions about funding and networking. His sessions will take place on 8 February in English and Hebrew.

Rabea Edel will be giving another general introductory consultation, this time in German, although English and Italian would also be options. Whether you’re from out of town or not: anybody in the independent literary industry can meet with her on 15 February. She will also be discussing grants and scholarships, filing applications and work organization strategies. She herself has a finger in several pies, working as an author, journalist and event organizer. She has received numerous awards for her work.

Anybody who works or would like to work in children’s and young adult literature should not miss our consultation day with Kathrin Köller. She is very knowledgeable in this wing of the literary industry thanks to many years of experience, and translates and writes about children’s and young adult media in professional journals. On 16 February, she will be available to consult on topics such as finding a publisher or agent, project development and grants.

The consultation day with Eva Stelzer will take you away from world of letters and into the world of numbers: the qualified publisher has found her way to taxes and on 24 February will be sharing her bookkeeping and accounting know-how with all freelance literary professionals who would like a helping hand in this area.

On that note, the schreiben&leben team wishes you a productive February!

Here is the overview again:

  • February 04: Consultation day on on finding an agency and publisher with Ulrike Ostermeyer
  • February 08: Consultation day in English and Hebrew for freelance international authors and translators with Jonathan Nieraad
  • February 15: General introductory consultation for authors with Rabea Edel
  • February 16: Consultation day on children’s and youth’s literature with Kathrin Köller
  • February 24: Consultation day on the basics of bookkeeping and accounting with Eva Stelzer

You can book a one-on-one consultation here: REGISTRATION

Image in header: Kelly Sikkema via unsplash

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