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Our consultations days in March

Our consultations in March will again centre on the day-to-day life of freelancers in the literary industry. In addition to several “perennials”, we’ll cover some new topics: social media marketing, the KSK fund, the VG Wort collective and event design; literary translation will be touched on as well. Finally, the application deadline for the work stipends for German-language literature from the Berlin Senate is coming up, so we’ve squeezed in an info session on that for you, too.

One key tool for authors to secure and expand their reach is social media. We invited author and marketing expert Christian Dittloff to lend us a hand on this topic. On 2 March, he will be sharing tips and tricks for your accounts on Instagram & co. in one-on-one consultations. Experience has shown that these sessions are most fruitful when a book publication is forthcoming, so there is something the social media activities can be planned around.

On 9 March, Andreas Jandl will be giving an introduction to literary translations and translation software. He has been working as a freelance translator from English and French into German since 2000. In the meantime, he has received the Wieland Translation Prize and works as a mentor both at LCB Übersetzerwerkstatt and in the Hieronymus programme at EÜK Straelen. Whether you want to know more about client acquisition, the publishing landscape, the KSK fund, the VG Wort collective, translation associations, prizes and stipends – Andreas Jandl will be happy to answer any and all questions on the subject.

The Künstersozialkasse (or KSK for short) is a health insurance and pension fund for artists. And it is a lifeline for many freelance creatives, since it pays the same share of social welfare contributions as an employer. On 15 March, you will have the opportunity to talk with freelance literary translator and author Lena Müller about the details of joining, the requirements that must be met, as well as the benefits it offers. She has had a lot of experience with the KSK fund over the years, which means she will be giving you first-hand reports. The first hour and a half will be a group consultation during which participants can benefit from hearing other people’s questions and exchanging information with one another. For all those who prefer to keep to themselves, there will be one-on-one consultations from 12 to 6pm.

Like Lena Müller, Henry Steinhau will begin his consultation day on the VG Wort collective on 18 March with a 1.5-hour group session, after which he will do individual consultations from 12 to 6pm. As a journalist, he himself is a member of the VG Wort copyright collective, whose aim is to exploit copyrighted creative works. Steinhau will be able to give you answers to questions such as: Which criteria must be fulfilled to join the collective? How do you register texts? What financial compensation exists?

Readings, lectures or events are indispensable for authors. Yet presenting literature in such a way that it makes a good live event is not easy. What does it take? How should it be organized? What do I need? Yvonne de Andrés will be talking on 23 March about everything from social media – especially Instagram – for authors to PR work and networking, and dole out many practical examples and tips.

The deadline is approaching! You have until 4 May to hand in an application for the work stipends for German-language literature awarded by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe. Our online event on 24 March will cover the most important details. In addition, applicants will have the opportunity to ask specific questions to the Department of Culture representatives Estelle Amann and Lilian Engelmann as well as former juror Nina Bußmann. What requirements do I need to fulfil for the application? How many authors are selected? What do I need to prepare for the application? What are the selection criteria for the stipends? The event will take place in German via Zoom.

And, with that, the schreiben&leben team wishes you an active March!

Here is the overview again:

  • March 02: WAITING LIST Individual consultations on the use of social media for authors with Christian Dittloff
  • March 09: Individual consultations on getting started with literary translations and translation software with Andreas Jandl
  • March 15: Group and individual consultations on Künstlersozialkasse with Lena Müller
  • March 18: Group and individual consultations on VG Wort with Henry Steinhau
  • March 23: Individual consultations on reading/ lecture and event organisation with Yvonne de Andrés
  • March 24: Infosession | work stipends for German-language literature with Estelle Amann, Lilian Engelmann and Nina Bußmann

You can book a one-on-one consultation here: REGISTRATION

Image in header: Patrick Perkins via unsplash

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