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Our consultations days in December

After two jam-packed months, schreiben & leben is slowly but surely shifting into a lower gear for its annual winter torpor. But before we take a break for the holidays, we’re covering all the basics one last time before the year is through. That way you can start the new year armed with solid resolutions and an equally solid feeling of resolve – and nothing will stand in the way of a successful 2023.

Writers who are looking for an agent or publisher should mark the first day of the month on their calendars because literary agent Axel Haase will be giving December’s kick-off consultation. He is co-founder of the Herbach & Haase literary agency and has been on the managing board of Berlin’s Buchhändlerkeller since 2004. On 1 December he will be weighing in on synopses, brainstorming with you to figure out what agencies would be the best fit and giving pointers on approaching publishers.

And, whether you work with a publisher or not, all freelancers are obligated to take care of their own health insurance and retirement plan. On 8 December the spotlight will be on the Künstlersozialkasse (KSK) health insurance and retirement fund, which pays approximately half the fees for the policyholder, i.e. what an employer would normally pay. Literary translator Lena Müller knows from her own experience everything that applicants need to take into account when signing up. She will give a brief introduction to the topic in an online group session in the morning and respond to additional questions and address specific issues in individual consulting sessions in the afternoon.

The media expert and journalist Henry Steinhau also enjoys thinking ahead, such as when it comes to the annual royalty payments from VG Wort. As a member of the Freischreiber e.V. association of independent journalists, he is more than familiar with the by-laws of the copyright collecting society. On 10 December he will explain in an online info session how to register and file claims smoothly before answering more in-depth questions in individual consulting sessions.

And it is in this spirit that the schreiben & leben team wishes you a December full of fundamentals and foresight.

Here is the overview again:

  • December 1: Consultation day on finding agencies and publishing houses with Axel Haase
  • December 8: Consultation day on the Künstlersozialkasse (KSK) with Lena Müller
  • December 10: Consultation day on the VG Wort with Henry Steinhau

You can book a one-on-one consultation here: REGISTRATION

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