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Our consultations days in November

November is set to be another busy month at schreiben&leben. There will be ten consultation days to cover literary freelancing topics from A to Z: from “A” for “acquisition”, “agent” and “associations” to “S” for “self-publishing”, “social media marketing” and “scholarships”. (OK so maybe from A to S? Don’t worry, we’ll only use a bit of artistic license here – after all, the independent scene does not always take the well-trodden path.)

Speaking of which, if you want to keep your artistic license in check, then you need your text edited by a professional. Since for those of us in the industry, in the beginning there is always an assignment, we are dedicating 2 November to acquisition and work organization strategies for editors. Freelance editor and co-founder of der springende punkt editorial office Claudia Lüdtke has some helpful strategies for managing your workload and workflow up her sleeve.

But before a text gets to the editing stage, it must first have impressed a publisher. On 5 November, we will be bringing editor and publisher Ulrike Ostermeyer on board to consult on finding the right match. Who better than the director of the hardcover fiction program at Rowohlt to give pointers on finding an agent or publishing house? (This consultation is already completely booked, but you can add your name to the waiting list.)

If you want to break into the literary scene, but can’t see the proverbial forest for the trees (yet), you can attend a digital introductory and overview consultation for authors on 8 November. Photographer and writer Rabea Edel has the tools you need to get started. The winner of multiple literary grants and scholarships is particularly well-versed in writing synopses, applying for scholarships and approaching publishers.

On 11 November, the day lamp-lit processions in honor of St. Martin take place throughout Germany, we’ve scheduled one-on-one consultations on association and company law. Legal consultations will be held with Rupay Dahm, an expert in the incorporation and legal structures of self-organized projects – and a cooperative-lover to boot. The independent scene only stands to benefit from this much community.

But going it alone is still an option: self-publishing is the literary market’s niche for anybody who prefers to have complete control over the entire publishing process. Anja Schreiber has published numerous guidebooks herself and is involved in an association of self-publishers. On 16 November, she will be giving insights into the difficulties and advantages of this way of working.

If you want your book to be a top seller, there is quite a bit you have to do after it’s published. Cultivating your social media presence is one way of kicking your impact up a notch. We’re delighted to welcome back author and marketing expert Christian Dittloff, who will be sharing tips and tricks tailored to your profile in one-on-one consultations on 17 November.

A week before the open funding application deadline for artistic festivals and series in Berlin (German: Spartenoffene Förderung), some literary event organizers may be on edge. Fortunately, Karla Montasser will be available to review applications and give feedback on any questions you might have about event funding on 23 November. Montasser is a poet, event organizer, co-founder of the KOOK label and head of the Poetic Education department at Haus für Poesie.

Apropos “poetic education”: author, translator and critic Kathrin Köller will be holding one-on-one digital consultations on children’s and young adult literature on 24 November. The expert in project development, finding agents and applying for grants and scholarships knows what it takes to make writing for this market segment into your career.

The following day, the spotlight will be on scholarships, grants and networks for authors with consultant Paula Fürstenberg fully invested in the role. She knows the importance of good relationships and is active in the Freie Literaturszene Berlin network as well as a number of other projects. On 25 November, she will be there to help with applications and synopses.

Wrapping up the month, our final consultation will be dedicated to Scholarships and networks for translators. On 30 November, Eva Profousová will be sharing her experiences as a translator from Czech into German. She is on the board of Weltlesebühne e.V. and received this year’s Brücke-Berlin award. Congratulations, Eva!

On that celebratory note, the schreiben&leben team wishes you a well-rounded November!

Here is the overview again:

  • November 2: Consultation day on acquisition and work organization strategies for editors with Claudia Lüdtke
  • November 5: Consultations on finding agencies and publishing houses with Ulrike Ostermeyer
  • November 8: Consultations on how to get started in the literary scene as an author with Rabea Edel (via Zoom or telephone)
  • November 11: Consultation day on legal forms of self-organized projects with Rupay Dahm
  • November 16: Consultation day on Self-publishing with Anja Schreiber (via Zoom or telephone)
  • November 17: Consultation day on Social Media for authors with Christian Dittloff (via Zoom)
  • November 23: Review of applications for “Spartenoffene Förderung” and general individual consultations for coordinators of literary projects with Karla Montasser
  • November 24: Consultation day on children’s and young adult literature with Kathrin Köller (via Zoom or telephone)
  • November 25: Consultation day on stipends and networks for authors with Paula Fürstenberg
  • November 30: Consultation day on stipends and networks for translators with Eva Profousová

You can book a one-on-one consultation here: REGISTRATION

Image in header: Pixabay

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