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Our Consultation Days in November

When the infamous November blues threatens to afflict you, there are some measures you can take against it. Everyone who decided to become solo self-employed in the literary business might already know a tried-and-true home remedy, which brightens the mood in almost any situation in life: professional success. In order to achieve the latter faster, we have a lot of consulting days to offer this month:

Not just editors plagued by the November blues had better mark November 3 in their calendars but all freelancers in this profession, since self-marketing concerns all of them. In a sense, it is the name of the game, if you want to obtain contracts and financial security. With more than 10 years of experience as freelance editor and trainer, Joachim Fries knows how to establish yourself successfully in this field.

Whether informative, entertaining or experimental – Podcasts have become an indispensable medium in the cultural sector since the corona pandemic at the latest. But how do you start your own? How can you make it stand out from others? On November 11, Susan Stone will answer these questions. As a prize-winning freelance journalist, she spent years in broadcasting and has now been producing the Podcast „Dead Ladies Show” for four years.

We continue with two consecutive consulting days dedicated to legal aspects. On November 16, Rupay Dahm will inform you about what has to be considered when founding an association, a cooperative or a limited company and what is needed for a trouble-free process. You should also know the basics of contracts, because especially when it comes to your own creative achievements or intellectual property in general, legal protection is important. On November 17, Julia Balogh can clear up any ambiguity regarding publishing and licensing agreements.

Before contracts can be signed, the right publisher has to be found, and we have a consulting day up our sleeve for this as well: On November 23, Axel Haase will go over various paths to publication with you. Whether the direct route via a publisher or whether an literary agency is more suitable varies from case to case. He himself is not only equipped with knowledge of publishing, but has also been working as a literary agent for decades.

If you want to get a grant, your application must stand out. The author Paula Fürstenberg, who has already received several scholarships, knows this from her own experience. On November 24, she will resolve questions concerning grants and application: Which grants are available? How do I gain an overview? How do I write an application and what do I have to pay attention to? On top of that, she knows everything about writing a project description (the so-called exposé) and can help here as well.

On November 25, for the first time, you will have the opportunity to get professional advice on the topic of artistic working spaces. Where and how you can find the right place for the development of your projects will be addressed as well as the question about funding possibilities. Answers will be given by Matthias Meyer, consultant at PROSA, and Jenny Nilén, communication officer at Kulturraum Berlin GmbH.

To ensure that authors and publishing houses are adequately remunerated for their intellectual property, the Collection Management Organisation VG Wort was founded. It collects royalties every year and distributes the funds thus collected among its members according to a fixed formula. On November 27, you can discuss with Henry Steinhau, a journalist and member himself, whether a membership is worthwhile for you and how VG Wort operates in detail.


Here is the overview again:

03.11.2021, consultation day on self-marketing for editors with Joachim Fries
11.11.2021, consultation day on podcasts with Susan Stone
16.11.2021, consultation day on founding with Rupay Dahm
17.11.2021, consultation day on publishing and licensing agreements with Julia Balogh
23.11.2021, consultation day on publisher and agency search with Axel Haase
24.11.2021, consultation day on grants and applications with Paula Fürstenberg
25.11.2021, consultation day on artistic working spaces with Matthias Meyer (PROSA) and Jenny Nilén (Kultur Räume Berlin)
27.11.2021, consultation day on collecting society Wort with Henry Steinhau

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