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Our consultations days in October

It will be a tight squeeze at schreiben&leben in October – at least in terms of our program: we have twelve densely packed consultation days on offer for you. From digital concepts and accounting 101 to the search for an agency or publisher: this month will be a relay race through all relevant areas of solo self-employment.

Many freelancers are exhausted by main or part-time jobs before the work on the actual passion begins: writing. Staying on top of things in the literary world and structuring the day-to-day efficiently is Jordan T. A. Wegberg’s expertise. The freelance author, translator and editor will be offering digital and individual advice on work organization on October 5.

If you are tired of the saying “less is often more”, social media might just be the right field for you. When it comes to online presence, more is often simply more. We have invited Christian Dittloff, an experienced writer and consultant for cultural marketing, so you don’t have to hone  your strategy for Instagram and the likes alone. On October 6, you can consult with him about your social media presence in one-on-one sessions.

It is safe to say that self-publishing is just as labour intensive, albeit more self-determined. If you would like to take marketing and editing into your own hands in the future, you can get in touch with Michael Meisheit on October 12 via zoom or by phone. With almost 200,000 sold copies of self-published (audio) books, he knows the difficulties and advantages of distributing texts beyond the large publishing houses.

Or maybe  you have been wondering how to launch your own podcast? Fret no more: On October 13, award-winning freelance journalist Susan Stone will ponder with you on unique features and the implementation of your ideas. After working in radio for a long time, she has been producing the “Dead Ladies Show”-podcast for the last four years.

Are you already planning a literary event or project, but still looking for the right funding? In the middle of the month, a whole block of consultations on monetary matters awaits you:

As an alternative to classic funding pots, forms of collective financing will be in  focus on October 14. Editor, author and consultant Andra Schwarz is skilled at organizing projects beyond public funding. In one-on-one consultations (via Zoom or by phone), she will help assess whether crowdfunding might also be an option for you.

When it comes to the variety of funding opportunities, being well-informed is key. In order to overcome language barriers, Kseniya Fuchs is available again this month for digital one-on-one consultations in Ukrainian. On October 17, she will guide Ukrainian artists and freelancers through different financing options the local and national literary scene has in store.

On October 19, right on time for the start of Frankfurter Buchmesse, our program includes a German counterpart on cross-sector funding: In a digital group session, Katharina Deloglu, co-founder of Lettrétage and director of various international projects, will share tips on grants in the literary field and the successful application for them.

All those considering a scholarship programme can clarify questions on fellowships and applications in a one-on-one session on October 25 – and have their synopsis reviewed at the same time. The poet and kookbooks publisher Daniela Seel, who has received many grants herself , will be on hand to offer advice and support.

For one day, we will put the question on money to rest so Axel Haase can advise you on finding a publisher and agency. He will happily take a look at your project and – based on his long experience as an agent and managing director of the literary agency Herbach & Haase – make suggestions on how to bring your manuscript to the literary market on October 26.

Since health care and long-term planning tend to fall by the wayside, on October 27 everything revolves around the artists’ social insurance fund (KSK). In a way, it replaces the employer’s share of social security contributions for freelance artists. You can discuss uncertainties about joining, requirements and benefits of the KSK with the freelance literary translator and author Lena Müller.

Bookkeeping is another topic that often causes headaches among freelancers. We therefore would like to offer our consultations on October 28 as a kind of preventive health measure: On this day, Eva Stelzer, a trained bookseller and tax specialist, will provide information on the basics of bookkeeping and accounting. Due to legal restrictions, no tax advice can be given but the overview is definitely worthwhile for a more relaxed attitude in the matter.

And since all good things come in thre– , no, twos, Ulrike Ostermeyer will once again turn the conversation to large and small publishing houses at the end of this consulting sprint. After more than 25 years of professional experience in their offices, she has a good feel for the right marketing strategy and will be giving advice on October 29 on how to succeed in finding an agency or publisher. (POSTPONED TO NOVEMBER 5)

In this spirit, the schreiben&leben team wishes you plenty of tailwind for a dynamic October!

Here is the overview again:

  • October 5: Consultation day on work organization with Jordan T. A. Wegberg (via Zoom or telephone)
  • October 6: Consultation day on social media for authors with Christian Dittloff
  • October 12: Consultation day on self-publishing with Michael Meisheit (via Zoom or telephone)
  • October 13: Consultation day on podcasts – concept and production with Susan Stone
  • October 14: Consultation day on crowdfunding with Andra Schwarz (via Zoom or telephone)
  • October 17: Consultation day for Ukrainian creatives with Kseniya Fuchs (via Zoom)
  • October 19: Group session on Spartenoffene Förderung with Katharina Deloglu (via Zoom)
  • October 25: Consultation day on stipends and applications with Daniela Seel
  • October 26: Individual consultations on finding agencies and publishing houses with Axel Haase
  • October 27: Consultation day on the Künstlersozialkasse (KSK) with Lena Müller
  • October 28: Individual consultations on the basics of accounting with Eva Stelzer
  • (POSTPONED TO NOVEMBER 5) October 29: Individual consultations on finding agencies and publishing houses with Ulrike Ostermeyer

You can book a one-on-one consultation here: REGISTRATION

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