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Our Consultation Days in October

Two consulting days dedicated to the topic of grants ring in October. On October 5, illustrator and author Thomas Henseler will answer your questions about special funding opportunities in the field of comics. To broaden the scope, Odile Kennel will help both authors and translators find the right funding for them on October 6. She also has tips on networking in store. As a member of VS and VdÜ, the Autorinnenvereinigung e.V. as well as the Freie Literaturszene e.V. she knows exactly what she’s talking about.

Literary freelancers cannot evade contract and data protection law. Being insecure about them is the rule rather than the exception. On October 13, the lawyer Karina Filusch will answer questions such as: Are there any clauses that I have to pay particular attention to when concluding a contract? What am I allowed to post on the net? Which legal provisions do I have to observe?

Next in line is a consulting day for authors who are thinking about publishing without the help of a traditional publisher. Self-publishing offers independence, control and self-determination, but at the same time it demands a lot from you. On October 19, Michael Meisheit will give valuable tips on marketing, various providers, editing and much more. He himself has already self-published almost 200.000 books and audio books and knows what to look out for.

On October 20, everything revolves around the Artists’ Social Insurance Fund (KSK). In a way, it replaces the employer’s share of social security contributions for freelancers working in the arts. Membership is therefore worthwhile and Lena Müller will be happy to help clarify questions about registration, requirements and benefits of the KSK.

Is your finished manuscript just waiting to be published? But you are unsure which publisher or agency you want to try your luck with? Then the consultation day on October 26 with Ulrike Ostermeyer is just the right thing for you! Thanks to more than 25 years of professional experience in publishing and as a literary agent, she has a feel for which strategy promises greater success.

The month ends with a consultation day for anyone who wants to get a literary project or event off the ground but doesn’t have funding for it yet. On October 27, Andra Schwarz will explore with you whether and to what extent the concept of crowdfunding can be useful for your project. As an editor, author, consultant and lecturer who organizes projects on her own, she will show you possibilities beyond the classic funding pots.

Here is the overview again:

05.10.2021, consultation day on grants for comic-authors with Thomas Henseler
06.10.2021, consultation day on grants and networking with Odile Kennel
13.10.2021, consultation day on contract law and data security law with Karina Filusch.
19.10.2021, consultation day on self-publishing with Michael Meisheit.
20.10.2021, consutlation day on the Artists Social Insurance Fund (KSK) with Lena Müller.
26.10.2021, consultation day on how to find a publishing house or literary agency with Ulrike Ostermeyer.
27.10.2021, consultation day on crowd-funding with Andra Schwarz

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