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Our Consultation Days in September

Right on time for the start of mushroom season in September, the consultation days at schreiben&leben are practically sprouting from the ground: from more common German appointments to seldom seen species of Arabic and Ukrainian nature. And the best thing is: Each and every one of them is perfectly digestible.

With the international community in mind, on September 6, Marwa Younes Almokbel offers information regarding the fellowship “Weltoffenes Berlin” in Arabic. She has been granted the fellowship in the past and is therefore an expert in overcoming the application process. In a two-hour group session via zoom, she will share helpful insights and tips.

You come from Ukraine and need an introduction to the literary scene of Berlin and its many stipends? The author and artist Kseniya Fuchs will give a comprehensive overview in a group session on September 7. Afterwards, she is also available for individual consultations. All meetings will be held in Ukrainian language via telephone or Zoom.

The range of our German consultations on funding opportunities is no less wide: On September 8, we invite literary event organizers to consult with Katharina Deloglu on stipends and event management. This is especially useful with the Hauptstadtkulturfonds’ current application deadline in mind (October 4)!

You prefer working on texts in foreign languages to the hustle and bustle of events? Andreas Jandl will help you get started in the field of literary translation and the use of translation software on September 16. He has many years of experience as a freelance translator of English and French literature. Digital appointments via zoom as well as meetings in person are possible.

Those attending this year’s BUCHBERLIN on September 17 and 18 will be warmly welcomed at our booth. At King’s Landing 5, our consultants Michael Meisheit, Lena Müller, Valentin Tritschler and Rabea Edel offer twenty-minute sessions on the KSK, self-publishing, agencies and publishing houses as well as stipends and synopses. What a great opportunity to get in touch!

On September 22, Odile Kennel will help those already working as translators or authors find the proper grants and networks for them. Who would be better suited to give advice than a renowned member of VS and VdÜ, the Autorinnenvereinigung e.V. and the Netzwerk freie Literaturszene Berlin e.V.?

Speaking of finances, the VG Wort, which promotes the exploitation of copyrights, cannot be overlooked. Henry Steinhau will give an introduction to the work of the association in a digital info-session and group consultation on September 24. Being a member of Freischreiber e.V. – an occupational union for freelance journalists, he knows the ins and outs of VG Wort’s charter. Specific questions can be addressed in an individual appointment (also via zoom) later that day.

Last but not least, we will have a final consultation on subsidies at the end of the month – this time with a narrower focus: On September 28, the illustrator and author Thomas Henseler will provide input on opportunities and stipends for comic authors. All appointments will take place via zoom or telephone.

The team of schreiben&leben wishes you a fruitful September and a successful hike through the thicket of Berlin’s literary scene.

Here is the overview again:

  • September 6: Group session and consultation day on the Fellowship „Weltoffenes Berlin“ in Arabic with Marwa Younes Almokbel (online)
  • September 7: Consultation day for Ukrainian creatives with Kseniya Fuchs (online)
  • September 8: Consultation day on event management and sponsorship, in particular the Hauptstadtkulturfonds, with Katharina Deloglu (via zoom, telephone or in person)
  • September 16: Individual consultations on getting started in literary translation and translation software with Andreas Jandl (via zoom, telephone or in person)
  • September 17/18: BUCHBERLIN – Short consultations on the KSK, self-publishing, agencies and publishing houses as well as stipends and synopses with Michael Meisheit, Lena Müller, Valentin Tritschler and Rabea Edel.
  • September 22: Individual consultations on funding options and networks with Odile Kennel (via zoom or telephone)
  • September 24: Online infosession, group consultation and individual consultations on the VG WORT with Henry Steinhau (via zoom, telephone or in person)
  • September 28: Individual consultations on opportunities and stipends for comic authors with Thomas Henseler (via zoom or telephone)

Click here to register for a short consultation at BUCHBERLIN.
You can book a one-on-one consultation here: REGISTRATION

Image in header: Cyrel Manozo via Pexels

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