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Retrospective: The Annual Gathering of the Literary Industry

The Fifth Annual Gathering of the Literary Industry is behind us! On an exceptionally hot weekend, we spoke about the current situation and the future of freelancers in the literary industry. We had interesting discussions and got enough input for an entire year.

Themes included new stipends models, the family-friendliness of the literary industry, balancing care work and writing, how freelancers can make adequate pension provisions for themselves, as well as new networks, virtual reality as an artistic space and digital literary events.

We would like to thank: All speakers for their valuable input, all participants who contributed their perspectives, questions and topics to the digital talks. Additionally, we thank Maik Schulze of MIKA fotografie, who captured the Annual Gathering of the Literary Industry with his camera. Here are some impressions of the weekend that he captured for us.

We’re already looking forward to next year!
All pictures: MIKA-fotografie | Berlin

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