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The Eighth Industry Meetup: Literature!

The Eighth Industry Meetup: Literature revolves around interactions with the public. How do I present myself to publishers and agents if I want to get published? What are the dos, don’ts, and must-dos when it comes to getting noticed as an author?

In the best-case scenario, I’ll become a “public personality”. How can I ensure that I still retain some level of privacy? How do I develop a public persona while keeping other things private? How do I interact with the public sphere and what mistakes should I avoid when everything I do might be commented upon and multiplied in real time? We will be offering a broad palette of events dealing with these and other topics. Alongside practical, career-focussed workshops in German and English, our speed-dating event with publishers and our second Industry Meetup “Barcamp” is guaranteed to add a few extra hues to this palette. For translators, we also have special events in the programme addressing the issues of AI and “sensitivity translating”. We will be providing on-site childcare and food and beverages.

The Eighth Industry Meetup: Literature will take place from 2 to 4 May 2024 at the Refugio in Berlin (Lenaustraße 3-4).

Here you can find the complete programme including registration.

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