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This was the Sixth Gathering of the Literary Industry

The Sixth Gathering of the Literary Industry lies already behind us! The weekend from May the 6th to May the 8th passed very quickly! We had three days full of informative lectures and acitvating workshops which could take place in presence for the first time after two years of pandemic. This year‘s motto “Team Spirit. Networks, Collectives, Groups” was not only talked about theoretically, but practiced actively in the form of spirited discussions, networking and mutual exchange.

It was about collaboration in funded projects, personal networking, literary collectives, collaborative writing, joint learning and a lot more. For the first time, several events were provided in English as well as in German Sign Language.

Now it’s time to express our gratitude: to all speakers for their inspiring and enriching contributions and to all participants who enlivened the programme with their perspectives and questions. Moreover, we thank Frieder Unselt who captured the following impressions of the Gathering with his camera.

All pictures: (c) Frieder Unselt

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