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„Schreiben & leben“ is the new name for WiSU

„Schreiben & leben“ is the new name for WiSU

You might have asked yourself why our logo looks different all of a sudden. You also might have noticed it in our newsletter. Now for everybody: WiSU is no longer called WiSU, but „Schreiben & leben“. Why? First and foremost, because it is a new project. A lot of new things are going to happen. At the same time, a lot of things will stay the same: We will continue to support solo-self employees in the free literature scene on their way to an autonomous professional life. This means: The free consultation days will be continued, as well as the Berlin Literature Calendar and there will be another Annual Gathering of the Literary Industry in 2020.

Also, we are planning to offer even more interesting opportunities for consultations: For example a mentoring program for curators of literary events. We will also undertake the adventure of supervising a cooperative society for literary producers.

We are going to keep the spirit of WiSU and continue to strengthen the economical basis of the free literary scene. We are starting this august with the first consultation days, which will see a novelty on the 14th of August. Charlotte Bomy will offer consultation for french-speaking writers and translators, concerning all the aspects of their professional life. During the weeks to come, the consultation programm is going to be updated on a regular basis. You can find all the events here.

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