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Room Usage

Event Space usage for free!

You can use the Lettrétage event space for your public or private event, your workshop, or your editorial or networking meeting – all that matters is your activity supports our project’s cause and benefits authors, literary translators and independent editors. If you want, you also have the option of promoting your event in our project newsletter.

Who can use the space?

Organizations, associations, small publishing houses, editorial departments,
individuals – anyone whose activity supports the literary authors of Berlin.

What can the space be used For?

Every public or private event that benefits literary authors or reinforces the structures of the independent literature scene. This includes: networking meetings, association meetings, seminars, workshops, editorial meetings, fundraising events, work meetings of literary authors (e.g., translators, authors, editors), conferences and meetings, consultation services, training courses, presentations, project talks. Note: Only in exceptional cases may the space be used for artistic events (readings).

How can I sign up for the space? Contact us by phone or by email. Lettrétage e.V. will check whether the room is available on the date you have requested and whether your request is in line with the aims of the project.

Equipment and facilities

Conference equipment:
65 regular chairs, 6 conference tables 50×130 cm, 12 conference chairs, 11 buffet tables 80×220 cm, 3 bistro tables, Flipchart including expendables

Further equipment:
large barcounter table, large fridge, freezer, hanging sytem for exhibitions, piano

Technical equipment:
Soundsystem with two active speakers (LD Systems Maui 28), one mixer (Soundcraft efx 8) and 2 microphones (Shure SM 58), analogue and digital light control console, 2 LED spot lights, four 1000 watt spot lights, two 500 watt spot lights, various work spot lights, beamer, beamer tripod, screen