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Industry Meetup: Literature

Eighth Industry Meetup: Literature
PUBLIC – Publication, Publicity, and Public Persona
2 to 4 May 2024
Refugio, Lenaustrasse 3–4, 12047 Berlin-Neukölln
Participation is free upon registration

The Eighth Industry Meetup: Literature revolves around interactions with the public. How do I present myself to publishers and agents if I want to get published? What are the dos, don’ts, and must-dos when it comes to getting noticed as an author? In the best-case scenario, I’ll become a “public personality”. How can I ensure that I still retain some level of privacy? How do I develop a public persona while keeping other things private? How do I interact with the public sphere and what mistakes should I avoid when everything I do might be commented upon and multiplied in real time? We will be offering a broad palette of events dealing with these and other topics. Alongside practical, career-focussed workshops in German and English, our speed-dating event with publishers and our second Industry Meetup “Barcamp” is guaranteed to add a few extra hues to this palette. For translators, we also have special events in the programme addressing the issues of AI and “sensitivity translating”. We will be providing on-site childcare and food and beverages.

Lectures, workshops, discussions, gallery walks and much more, by and for literary creators since 2016

Since 2016, the Industry Meetup: Literature has brought together solo self-employed literary professionals once a year to discuss current issues in the literary scene and political developments. The focus of the working groups, panels, lectures and workshops of the past Industry Meetups was on alternative forms of work organisation, cooperation and cooperative models as well as the visibility of literature. In 2018, the book market of independent publishers Berlinindependent took place for the first time. The literature industry meeting is aimed at freelance authors, translators, editors, literature organisers and literature mediators. This year we are already celebrating the seventh edition of this annual exchange and networking format for Berlin’s literary professionals, save the date! The Industry Meetup: Literature takes place as part of the project schreiben&lebenPLUS of the Literaturhaus Lettrétage e. V. and is funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Social Cogesion and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Picture: (c) Frieder Unselt

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