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Industry Meetup: Literature

The #BranchentreffLiteratur: I’m worth it – ways towards solidarity & self-care in our work

5. – 7. May 2023 | PODEWIL (Klosterstraße 68d, 10179 Berlin)

The Branchentreff Literatur is an event where authors, translators, editors and other solo self-employed people in the literature industry come together to network, exchange expertise, learn from each other and arrive at new perspectives on their own professional lives together. In 2023, we want to fulfil this claim even better than before, and to do so, we are treading new paths. So far, the focus has been on workshops, panels and discussion groups on topics have been set by us. This time the focus is on you!

Those who have been in the job for a while have accumulated extensive experience. When 100 people register for the industry meeting, there are already 100 experts on site. People who, with their respective professional and life experiences, can be a valuable resource for each other. People who, in three days meet four other people and jointly come up with five new project ideas. People who already have the answers to other people’s questions in their heads. People who want to go in the same direction. People who can pull in the same direction.
The right format to use this potential already exists: it is called “Barcamp”. To put it very briefly, this means that you decide what happens there! Everyone can lead a session, wish for a topic or “adopt” a topic from the wish list. If, as we suspect, many of you have never taken part in such an event, that’s no problem – we’ll take you step by step along the way. And newcomers to the profession are also very welcome – you decide for yourself whether you want to take part in the Barcamp as a passive listener or as an active participant. The Barcamp will be bilingual (German/English) and moderated by Katy Derbyshire and Alexander Lehnert.

In addition, the Seventh Branchentreff Literatur will be offering workshops on topics that we currently consider important, helpful and relevant as well – selected and planned, of course, as always in dialogue with the independent literary scene. The motto “I am valuable” is a recurrent theme throughout the programme: realising how valuable what you know and can do for others can be a gratifying experience of self-efficacy. Because I am valuable, I am also worth it to shape my professional life in a self-caring way. And this also includes not selling yourself short to your clients.

We will be offering on-site childcare for the entire Branchentreff-weekend. Please register stating your child’s/children’s age and the time period for which you would like use childcare services to anmeldung[at]

We are looking forward to the adventure “Barcamp” and hope to be able to excite you as well!

You can register for the Barcamp via the tickettoaster platform. RESERVE TICKET

Lectures, workshops, discussions, gallery walks and much more, by and for literary creators since 2016

Since 2016, the Branchentreff Literatur has brought together solo self-employed literary professionals once a year to discuss current issues in the literary scene and political developments. The focus of the working groups, panels, lectures and workshops of the past Branchentreffs was on alternative forms of work organisation, cooperation and cooperative models as well as the visibility of literature. In 2018, the book market of independent publishers Berlinindependent took place for the first time. The literature industry meeting is aimed at freelance authors, translators, editors, literature organisers and literature mediators. This year we are already celebrating the seventh edition of this annual exchange and networking format for Berlin’s literary professionals, save the date! The Branchentreff Literatur takes place as part of the project schreiben & leben of the Literaturhaus Lettrétage e. V. and is funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Picture: (c) Frieder Unselt

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