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Write & live at SUPPORT Your local Culture

Write & live at SUPPORT Your local Culture

We are happy to announce, that the Frontend–developer and project manager Dietmar Gigler, who is part oft he WiSU team, is going to offer individual consultations at the event SUPPORT Your local Culture. The consultations are open to writers, editors, and translators. The subject oft he consultations will be the topic of collaboration, organization of cooperations and digital tools. Being one of the founders of Reinblau eG, having acquired many years of experience as a solo-self employee, he is dedicated to teamwork and the development of dynamic organisation structures.

SUPPORT Your local Culture is an event for exchange and networking for creatives from art and culture and is going to be hosted by STATE Studio on the 29th of October. It is an event by Kulturförderpunkt Berlin. This year, the focus will be drawn on collaboration and organization:

„How can we organize ourselves? How do we insure ourselves? How can interdisciplinary work come into being, aside from art, culture and creative economy? These are the three big issues, we are going to address the entire day.“ For a binding registration click here.

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