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This was the Seventh Industry Meetup: Literature

The Seventh Industry Meetup: Literature has come to an end and we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who found their way to Podewil last weekend: Speakers, participants, the team and everyone who supported us. They were special days and we are entering May with our heads full.
A total of 395 freelancers took part in this year’s Industry Meetup: in introductory workshops with Lucy Jones and Paula Fürstenberg, in discussions about work stipends and sustainability – or at the Barcamp on Saturday. The turnout at this particular event, which was also a new experience for us, left us speechless. So many participants offered sessions, contributed their ideas, discussed and exchanged ideas until the evening. The topics were classism in the literary world, self-publishing, remedies against procrastination, TikTok, collective negotiation, writing groups, the potential of literary audio formats and much more. And there was more than just discussion: At the Barcamp, for example, a chat group was created to further work on the topic of classism and a writing group was founded right away, which will probably meet in the Lettrétage. So it went straight from theory to practice – just as we had imagined. We are very pleased that this new format was so well received and especially about the many positive responses we received afterwards on various channels.

Here are a few photographic impressions that Natalia Reich captured for us.

All photos: © Natalia Reich


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