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Our Consultation Days in March

For our consulting services in March, we decided on a sandwich approach as far as addressing is concerned: Three consultation days for specific professional groups are framed by two more general consultation days that may appeal to all literary freelancers. This Sandwich is suitable for both indoor and outside consumption. Because, for the time being, we will continue to conduct our individual consultations via video conference or phone call. Thus, you can join one of our consultations from the balcony or with a cold drink from the park.

For freelancers, there is no way around accounting. Only those who keep an eye on their figures can avoid expensive surprises, at least according to Eva Stelzer. On March 4, the trained bookseller and tax assistant will offer a consultation day on the fundamentals of accounting. Please note that Eva Stelzer is not allowed to offer tax advice, due to professional restrictions.

March 9 could be interesting for anyone who works or wants to work with children’s and youth-literature. Kathrin Köller has published multiple non-fiction books for children and young adults, translates children’s books into German and writes about children’s and youth media in magazines. Her field of consulting is just as diverse: Do you want to get a foothold in the branch? Look for the right publisher for children’s literature? Or  find out about specific funding opportunities? Kathrin Köller can pass her experience on to you.

In the middle of the month, on March 16, freelancing literary event organizers get their due. With her reading events and other literary projects, Karla Montasser has become an indispensable  part of Berlin’s literary scene. Besides her work as a project manager, Karla Montasser writes poetry, is a founding member of the KOOK Label and board member of KOOK e.V.; moreover, she is an active participant in inter-religious and inter-cultural dialogues in Berlin. On her consultation day, she helps literary event organizers with their questions surrounding the financing of events, project funding and applications.

On March 25, it’s finally the turn of the translators. Eva Profousová not only translates contemporary literature from her native Czech into German. As a founding member of the initiative weltlesebühne, she organizes readings and is committed to making the craft of literary translators more visible . On her consultation day, you can benefit from Eva Profousovas experience and her knowledge of the branch: She knows exactly which funding opportunities and grants are available for literary translators and how to build up a professional network as a translator.

At the end of the month, we can offer an extraordinarily topical consultation: On March 30, attorney-at-law Karina Filusch will provide her expertise on the legal aspects of the Corona-Relief-Programmes. Additionally, she can answer all your questions about privacy and copyright law.

Here is the overview again:

  • March 4: consultation day on the fundamentals of accounting with Eva Stelzer
  • March 9: consultation day on children’s- and youth literature with Kathrin Köller
  • March 16: consultation day on project funding and applications for literary event organizers with Karla Montasser
  • March 25: consultation day on literary translation, grants for translators and networking with Eva Profousová
  • March 30: Consultation day on privacy- and copyright law and Corona-Relief-Programmes with Karina Filusch

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